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  We who would be born again indeed, Must wake our souls unnumbered times a day And urge ourselves to life with holy greed. (George MacDonald) Part of the residue of the ‘Fall’ of humanity is hidden-ness. Adam and Eve … Continue reading

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Ruthless Love

The Lord is very kind to me.  In His ruthless love and His painful kindness he recently healed a wound in my soul.  The details are not important, but like all painfully deep wounds it was relational.  The offense I … Continue reading

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Problem Free Living!

Two guarantees. Guarantee Number One:  For those who know the Lord there is a day coming when quite literally Heaven and earth will kiss and the embrace will never end.  Tears will be tenderly wiped away by scarred hands, never … Continue reading

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Lessons from Oliver – Living Nowhere

Our nine month old grandson Oliver is spending the weekend with us.  It is his first weekend away from his parents.  It has been a great weekend and he is a real joy.  Oliver taught me something this morning. Oliver … Continue reading

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