A Love Of The Truth

I have a friend who lives far away in another part of the world.  This may be the worst year of his life and this may best year of his life.  Without divulging details, it would be honest to say that he has come to the end of himself.  His earlier choices were sad and costly to many. A tough and fitting penalty must be paid for his actions.  His earlier choices cannot be undone, but he can be redeemed.

He has arrived at a juncture in life that he would never have imagined. His future, to one degree or another, is clearly altered.  He has two pathways before him and both involve a measure of pain.  He seems to have chosen the “road less traveled”. He seems to have chosen the road which leads to life and freedom.  He is on the journey of truth, deep at the core of life truth.  Spiritual, personal and relational truth. Face your fears kind of truth. Hide nothing kind of truth.  Grasp firmly to Jesus kind of truth.  Walk in the Light kind of truth.  Observing his internal reconstruction I find myself spurred on in my own journey.

……for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. (2 Thess. 2:10b)

The context of the above scripture is Paul writing about the end times.  But I believe, revealed in that scripture, is an incredible spiritual dynamic:  We are prone to the things of death “perishing” if we do not allow a love of the truth to be fostered in our lives “so as to be saved”.  Certainly this verse has an eternal life facet to it.  But I believe that it also applies to the present moment power of salvation to free us from fear driven pretense, sullied motives, mask wearing, posturing for position, people pleasing, hiding and much more.  “Loving the truth” means embracing the Lord in such a way that we allow Him to probe deeply with His Spirit and lovingly confront our tightly held deceptions.  It may hurt, as my friend is finding, but it is a pain that leads to wholeness, to life.

Sometimes the world banters around the term: “living authentically”.  But we, as the sons and daughters of the Most High, can genuinely move in that direction.  Because we are actually vessels of THE TRUTH.  He lives in our hearts.  And if we, like my far away friend, yield to the pressure of His love, we can begin to walk in an ever-increasing freedom that humbly expresses the heart of our Savior.


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1 Response to A Love Of The Truth

  1. Emily says:

    Great writing…truth hurts.

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