God Was Here And I Did Not Know It

Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it. (Gen. 28:16)

Recently I read this phrase “The art of deep seeing makes gratitude possible”.  Ann Voskamp, the author of One Thousand Gifts went onto say, “And it is the art of gratitude that makes joy possible”.

Like Jacob, I have to wonder how many times I have experienced life without the slightest awareness of God’s presence.  Theologically we know that God is omnipresent, absolutely always present.  Psalm 139 reveals to us with a poetry that lifts the veil of mystery and rivets us to a wonderful truth – we could not escape His presence if we tried!  And that is a deep part of the good news that we call Gospel. No matter what joy I experience or challenge I endure – HE, the great I AM, is there.  Wonderful!  And the truth that must follow is that if He is there, He in some way or another is active.  Whether I see it or not.

I think my mistake has been that I reduce my awareness of God’s presence to something identifiable or maybe even something enjoyable.  A prayer answered that way I would like or my heart warming during a time of worship or an exciting insight while reading the scriptures speaks to me of His presence.  But the reality is – He is always present and active.  But if those things that I enjoy do not happen, does that not mean God is not present?  I know the right answer theologically, but what is my heart saying?  And once again I think of Jacob’s words “the Lord is in this place and I did not know”.  Here is my discovery- To reduce my awareness of God’s presence to only those things that I enjoy reduces my potential for experiencing Him.  Gratitude then lies dormant and lifeless and joy stunted and conditional.

I need and want “the art of deep seeing”.  Perhaps the beatitude “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Matt.5:8) is speaking to this truth. May the Lord purge and purify our hearts from all that limit our vision of this amazing God.  Pure hearts help to produce clear vision of the ever present Father who loves us.

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7 Responses to God Was Here And I Did Not Know It

  1. Teresa Nightingale says:

    Oh Ray how true. I have to make a conscience effort to recognize that He is there NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON. To believe otherwise relegates Him to a place where He is only the giver and not the beautiful sustainer, comforter and counselor in times of pain, suffering and need. Thank you again for revealing Him more clearly to us. Love y’all!!

  2. Mark says:

    I have also been struggling to live this way. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Teresa says:

    This was awesome Ray. I am going to use it for my weekly
    devotional at work. You continually amaze me with your writing 🙂

  4. Benjamin says:

    Thank you Ray. It was comforting words in times of unease.

  5. Jill says:

    I just started getting this urging last week to consciously remember certain things and find God in the midst of them, much along the lines of what you shared. How many times I have raced past Him, focused on something or someone other than Him, not acknowledged Him – while He was surely in that place with me.

  6. Emily says:

    Amen. Whether I see it or not…

  7. Colley says:

    This is a Great one to follow the “IF” blog form last week.
    Thanks Ray,

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