Between The Buoys

A few months ago, just before our departure for Tasmania and Thailand, my morning scheduled opened up unexpectedly.  On the spur of the moment I threw my kayak on top of my car, bought some frozen bait, and went fishing.  Something I do not do nearly enough!  Unfortunately, with the exception of a hungry stingray, my excursion stayed “fishing” and did not transform into catching!

The tide was moving swiftly and I found it advantageous to tie my kayak to a buoy.  That way I would not drift into the rocky shallows and I could cast my line into the deep water between the buoys.  The following thoughts evolved from that experience.

As anyone knows who has gone out in a boat, the buoys mark the way of travel. Between the buoys the water is deep.  If you continue to follow the buoys, they will eventually lead you to open seas, the place of real adventure!

As one who spends a good deal of time out of our country, I feel like I sometimes gain a clearer glimpse of our culture and current times.  I never realized just how “culturally American flavored” my Christian perspectives were until I had the privilege of living in three other countries/cultures and working in many more.

I believe I am noticing a tendency for the current younger generation of believers to drift outside the buoys that mark a life of spiritual depth and commitment.  The current of the techno-culture is swift, but frankly shallow.  There seems to me to be a general movement to the edges, the shallow waters of soft commitment, the place that seems to be less risky or less demanding.  And young believers seem to be drifting along with the general culture.  But, as all boaters know, outside of the buoys is where boat-gouging and sometimes boat-sinking rocks are hidden just below the surface.  While the water may be more shallow and the current less swift, giving an allusion of safety, it is actually a more dangerous place to navigate the journey of one’s spiritual life.

The deep water is where weight and authority are giving to the scriptures, acknowledging that they bring to us wisdom from the Navigator who really does know the Way, and speaks Truth about Life.  The deep water is where life is lived from the Center, impacting the whole of life and not a life placed in benign neat compartments marked as spiritual and non-spiritual.  The deep water is where the voice of the Captain means far more than the voice of the crowd.  The deep water is where there is adventure and sometimes even danger and your journey is not measured by how far you’ve traveled, but about the Prize that lies ahead.  The deep water is where you have decided to be “all in” and not hedge your bets with escape routes.  The deep water is a place of passion, purpose and commitment and anything less seems tasteless and lukewarm.

May all of us, both young and old, continue to hunger for Life in the deep places, taking risks and going for it.  And for some of us in my generation?  While never slowing down in our own journey with the Lord, we may very well have the privilege of taking our take our place as living buoys, pointing to the only One where genuine life is found.

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3 Responses to Between The Buoys

  1. Janet McIlroy says:

    Good analogy ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Colley says:

    Ray, I really liked this one and I think it is a very real observation. May we all listen to the voice of the Captain.

  3. Julie Smude says:

    This is so good! I’m going to quote a section when I give a message Sunday. Thank you!!! Blessings to you!

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